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The wine quality that the Winery Tement The amount of wine that is bottled annually despite (or thanks to?) its size is impressive. Manfred Tement has expanded this farm many times over in the last forty years since he took over. Around 80 hectares of land are in the Styria as well as another twenty on the Slovenian side of the Location Zieregg.

Zieregg is also the main location and a piece of home for the family. In nature, political borders don't really count. That is why they have also named their winery after Slovenia expanded and market the wines from there under the name of Ciringa.

Sauvignon Blanc, Yellow Muscat and Morillon - the Styrian term for Chardonnay - characterise the winery. The aromatic Steinbach Muskateller is a clear Recommendation for the Wiener Schnitzel. Fruity, dry, lively and with a lot of freshness.

More about Tement

The time game of Tement

Behind the name Time Play hides two very exciting project wines from the Tements. The play on words describes the time given to the wines. The Time Play 2 is a Sauvignon Blanc that has been allowed two years of contact with the full lees. The wine lives from its very own structure and particularly melting mouthfeel. This underlines the character of the Sauvignon Blanc very well.

Time play 5 The same approach with the grape variety Morillon. This wine was allowed to mature in barrels for five years. The result is complex, expressive and a wine that is absolutely at peace with itself. Both deliver immediate Drinking pleasure and the necessary Maturewhich is often neglected in fast-moving times.

The Next Generation

With the sons Armin and Stefan, support from the next generation has also been in the business for some time. The two quality fanatics have certainly provided a second boost in the winery.

Zieregg and the great sites

The hotly traded Zieregg IZ Reserve comes from Armin's pen. The relevant wine guides and critics celebrate the Morillons and especially Sauvignon Blancs with the highest ratings.

The Tements became famous for their Styrian Parade grape variety Sauvignon Blanc. The two sites Grassnitzberg and Zieregg in particular provide the ideal conditions here.

The Grassnitzberg is based on a green-fruity, but far from kitschy aroma play. The Zieregg simply produces great wines that have good ageing potential and offer insane drinking pleasure. In youth, but especially after a few years of bottle maturity, it unfolds its full range. On the Slovenian side of the Zieregg site, this area is called Fosilni breg. The wines of their Slovenian winery Ciringa are absolutely recommendable. A tad earthier, but they are in no way inferior in terms of minerality.

Written by Marian Henß, Copyright Living Wines