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Walis Badischer Landwein 2019


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Walis Badischer Landwein 2019


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The Wallis, although almost formally on the threshold of Switzerland, nevertheless retains its location in charming Baden, more precisely in the picturesque Markgräflerland, near Efringen-Kirchen in Blansingen. There, in the direct vicinity of Hanspeter Ziereisen, this vineyard is enthroned above an old quarry, laid out with Jurassic limestone. Facing south, with a view of the Rhine, these vines show their strong character through their handling - be it half destemmed or completely. However, once they are macerated in small oak barrels, they go through a careful fermentation of about three weeks before being pressed in an old basket press. Bottling is done purely by gravity, using only used oak barrels for storage, mainly barriques and pièces. This is handled naturally - no artificial yeasts, no enzymes, no clarification, no filtration and a maximum of 30 mg of added sulphur depending on the vintage of the wine.

The flair of this wine is evident in its picturesque garnet red colour. The 2019 vintage indulges the nose with subtle graphite notes and an invitation to fruity revelations. Aromas of wild raspberries, cranberries, sour cherries and rose hips greet the olfactory senses, along with mineral, salty nuances and silky herbal tones, including juniper, wild spices, pepper and a clear flower power. A wine that testifies to femininity and hospitality.

On the tongue, the Wallis shows its soft side, where its fresh acidity forms a harmony with the red fruit flavours. Fine tannins and an earthy and smoky finish are also revealed here. A tango-dancing Pinot that is already an irresistible temptation solo, but presents its full form together with spicy and fruity dishes. A wine with high ageing potential!

Pasta masterfully prepared from parsnips and beetroot, salmon fillet lovingly wrapped in salsify, served with black rice and basil, and a veal fillet impressively dressed in a pistachio crust, paired with turnips, are some of the dishes that would perfectly complement the interplay with this outstanding Wallis.


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