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The German Pinot Noir miracle continues! The Forgeurac micro-winery is located in the Weinniemandsland in St. Leon-Rot between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. As much as the Baden growing region is rugged, so are their vineyards from the Bühlertal, into the Kraichgau, the Markgräflerland and up to Weinsberg spread across the southwest of Germany. The wines are bottled accordingly as Badischer or Pfälzer Landwein. Currently, the reds are produced in Baden and the whites in the Palatinate, which are purchased from friendly vintners in organic quality.


Uwe Lange and Marco Pfliehinger are behind this project. Both have spent a lot of time in Burgundy. Uwe is a specialist in biodynamics and was on the road as an inspector for demeter. Marco is rather the geologist of the two. Always with the benchmark of Burgundy in mind, the duo is looking for interesting terroirs, which they want to bring unvarnished into the bottle.

More about Forgeurac

The namesake forge

The cellar is under the old village smithy in St. Leon-Rot. Forge means in French forge, from which the name can be derived. However, one should not wait for a big winery, but simply a workroom where barrels are stored. The two cultivate a deliberate purism in winemaking. The winery is in conversion to organic certification.

Minimally invasive and puristic

However, the vineyards are already cultivated according to the guidelines of the Biodynamics according to Rudolf Steiner Processed. Manual harvest, spontaneous fermentation, oxygen contact, no pumping, long yeast storage, no filtration. Biological acid reduction takes place spontaneously and naturally. Only used barrique barrels find their way into the cellar.

All attributes that stand for artisanal viticulture. The quality of the vineyards and the grapes cultivated there is important to both of them. It is primarily about transmitting the uniqueness of each site and its grape variety to us. The purist craftsmanship helps them to implement this gently and unadulterated. The result is pure, honest wines that are independent, by far interchangeable and magically attractive.

Incidentally, the Pinot Noirs from Forgeurac never taste German!

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