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Engelsfelsen Badischer Landwein 2019


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Engelsfelsen Badischer Landwein 2019


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Engelsfelsen wine seems to be the jewel in the crown of the House of Forgeurac and owes its exclusivity to its extremely steep geographical location, considered one of the steepest in Europe. The vineyard, picturesquely situated in the upper, unreformed parts of Engelsfelsen in Bühlertal, enjoys the warmth during the day and the cool freshness streaming down from the Black Forest at night. The south-facing vineyard favours strong temperature fluctuations, which ultimately help to produce the intense fruitiness of the wines.

The wildly scattered vineyards are only accessible via narrow, winding paths that awaken the sense of adventure. The strong, shallow soils are interspersed with barren granite gravel. Depending on the season, the grapes are either partially destemmed or fermented as whole bunches. After being briefly pressed in small wooden vats, they are gently and traditionally pressed on an old basket press. The resulting country wine is aged exclusively in used wooden barrels, mainly barriques and pièces. There are no additives such as yeasts, enzymes or fining agents and the wine is not filtered. Bottling is done by natural gravity.

This wine presents itself in a seductive garnet red. On the nose, Engelsfelsen explodes with the opulent aromas of wild raspberry, cranberry, sloe and rosehip. This beguiling bouquet of fruit is interspersed with cool and balsamic notes reminiscent of wild mint, tarragon, thyme and nettle. Deep, aristocratic and elegant, this Pinot titillates the senses and creates an irresistible urge to want to taste it immediately. The use of wood is noticeable, but subtle and not dominant.

A tasting of the Engelsfelsen 2019 reveals a harmonious interplay of all sensory experiences. The juicy berry-ness, the lively acidity that seems to spread out typically for a granite soil, the polished tannin and the salty minerality in the long reverberation-all have merged into a harmonious whole. Again and again I am faced with the dilemma of whether to simply enjoy this wine from Forgeurac on its own, without the distraction of a meal. If you do combine it with food, the food should be simple and unadulterated, just like this wine!

Decant this wine and serve it slightly chilled from Burgundy glasses.

Alternative food recommendations could be Spanish tapas such as chorizo or serrano ham, roasted vegetable mixtures, or a rabbit stew with juniper berries and porcini mushrooms.


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Winery Forgeurac, Leostr. 1, 68789 St. Leon-Rot / Germany