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The Abbatucci winery is located in the Taravo valley in Corsica. Here you feel like an ambassador of the authentic Corsican wine. Besides Clos Venturi (Domaine Vico) the winery is one of the best that Corsica has to offer.

The domain

The Abbatuccis are a long-established Corsican family. The basis for today's winery was created by Jean-Charles Abbatucci's grandfather when he planted five hectares of vineyards a century ago. Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu, Barbarossa and Carcaghjolu neru planted. His son Antoine, president of the Corsican Chamber of Agriculture, was concerned about the perpetuation of Corsican viticulture in the 1960s. That is why he put together a unique collection of eighteen autochthonous varieties an. Jean-Charles Abbatucci took over the estate in 1992.

Biodynamics plus

The departure into the future took place from 2000, when Jean-Charles turned to biodynamics. In 2005, the estate was certified by Demeter. After that, he focused on the heritage of the old vines. From 2006 on, Jean-Charles developed those three cuvees with the grapes of his father's vine collection, which gave Comte Abbatucci its breakthrough. At the same time, he was able to convince the best vintners of the island to commit themselves to the renaissance of traditional varieties, too.

More about Abbatucci

The work in the vineyard and cellar

The most famous members of the Abbatucci family were Général de la Révolution, Diplomate d'Empire and Ministre Impérial under Napoleon III. Today, three of Corsica's most impressive wines pay tribute to their illustrious ancestors. Wine for home consumption has always been part of the family tradition.

The terroir of the Domaine consists of granite covered with sand and silt, facing north and northeast (with slight variations). This naturally provides freshness and tension in the wines. For as long as twenty years, Jean-Charles Abbatucci has been cultivating his 20 hectares of vineyards biodynamic, influenced by methods of phytotherapy. The plots are horsewhippedThe greenery is kept in check in winter by a flock of sheep. Harvesting is done by hand, the grapes come in boxes to the cellar, where the grape good is meticulously selected.

The fermentation manages wild yeasts, the maturation takes place with the white wines on the yeasts without batonage takes place. Wines ready for bottling are stabilised naturally by cold, fining and filtration are only carried out when absolutely necessary. Before sale, the wines are given a further six months to harmonise in the bottle.

Jean-Charles Abbatucci

Jean-Charles Abbatucci