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Bret Brothers

Behind the Bret Brothers project is the winery La Soufrandière from our range. The brothers Jean-Guillaume and Jean Philipe Bret successfully and consistently run their parents' farm in the southernmost part of Burgundy. Biodynamics is their code for exploiting the diverse vineyard sites and differences. in the villages of the Mâconnais to decipher.

Under the alter ego Bret Brothers they apply the same standards to the quality of the vines as well as their vineyards. At the same time, however, the two can represent their home and region even more broadly through the purchase of grapes from friendly winemakers. Origin is handwriting here. The Chardonnays are pressed as whole grape. Depending on the location, fermentation takes place in small barrique barrels or large tanks. The wood is rarely new and never to be tasted in the foreground. Precision, drinking flow and minerality are paramount.

The two brothers are absolute quality fanatics and deliver a wide range of southern Burgundy. For this purpose, only the best parcels of naturally working winegrowers are selected; preferably vineyards planted with old vines. The work in the vineyards is carried out in coordination with the Bret family and is subject to the same quality standards. In some cases, the Bret brothers' team takes over the work in the vineyards entirely. The wines receive the same treatment, are in the same barrels and in the same cellar as La Soufrandière.

Two companies, one philosophy.

Their wines live from a clear fruit profile. Chardonnay is their primary language. Aligoté and Gamay complement the portfolio coherently.

Their commitment to the Beaujolais region to the south, which stands for fruity, easy-drinking red wines, will be expanded even more in the coming years.

jean philippe jean guillaume bret small Jean-Philippe and Jean-Guillaume Bret

The 2019 Mâcon-Villages Cuvée Terroirs du Mâconnais could be considered the Quintessence of a Chardonnay from the region. A very good introduction to the world of Bret Brothers. The Men in Bret from 2019 is a pure Gamay. Served chilled this is the uncomplicated drinking fun of a red wine for really any occasion. Easy drinking par excellence.In French wine law, wines made from purchased grapes must go under a different company name. As Négociant Éléveur, they declare the purchase and further processing of the vines. A popular model in France to allow further development or even growth.