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Riesling Lenchen Beerenauslese 2018 375ml


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The Beerenauslese from the Lendchen glides creamily over the tongue, lines the entire mouth and even if you have been drinking the Riesling for a long time, it remains present on the palate for minutes. It opens with kumquats and grapefruits with a hint of smoke, botrytis, pineapple, quince and lots of ripe stone fruit, which combine with a very fine, quickly fading musky note.

Riesling Lenchen Beerenauslese 2018 375ml


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The Oestricher vineyard, formerly known as the Eiserberg due to its iron-oxide-rich quartzite and clayey loess, has produced a special kind of wine, especially due to the early mists caused by the Pfingstbach stream at the foot of the vineyard. These mists in turn support the spread of botrytis, leading to the production of primarily noble sweet Riesling wines. With an impressive 238.8 grams of residual sugar and 8.1 grams of acidity, this unique wine has enjoyed its maturation in stainless steel.

With its deep straw-yellow colour, the Oestricher immediately jumps out at the eye. In 2018, the Oestricher Lenchen revealed an incredible aroma of residual sweet and noble sweet notes. The beerenauslese begins with a heady mix of aromas, from the beginnings of kumquats and grapefruits, light traces of smoke and botrytis, sailing through pineapple and quince, to the deepest notes of ripe stone fruits, all finely rounded off with an unmistakable, volatile musky note.

On the tongue, the Beerenauslese feels unreal light, yet full of depth. The generous and ripe yellow fruit clashes against the austere citrus aromas and fine acidity. A noticeable saltiness creates a mouth-watering effect. Like velvety cloth, Lenchen's wine glides over the tongue, fills the entire mouth and remains stubbornly present, even after long drinking.

This wine would be the perfect accompaniment to a peach cobbler, a game pie with caramelised apples or a creamy goat's cheese dip with pickled pears.


Peter Jakob Kühn











Contains sulfur

Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



8,1 g/l

Drinking temperature



Winery Peter Jakob Kühn, Mühlstraße 70, 65375 Oestrich-Winkel / Germany, organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-003