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Jimenez - Landi

The Mentrida region did not play a role in the wine world a few years ago. The Jiménez-Landi Family played a leading role in the quality offensive and established the region as an absolute Garnacha stronghold on Spain's wine map. Not in the Garnacha domineering Catalonia, but north of the metropolis of Madrid lies the growing region. The mountains tower well over 1000m on the way to Toledo and form the high altitude home of this small growing region.

Jiménez-Landi stylistics

Your Single vineyards Ataulfos and Pielago are planted with ancient Garnacha vines. Surprisingly, these make for elegant, delicate and bright wines up here. But they are anything but lightweights. The wines live from floral aromas and the highest finesse. The comparison to a fragrant Pinot Noir from Chambolle-Musigny cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Diversity in unfamiliar terrain

The Jiménez-Landi family farms fifteen hectares organically at an altitude of about 600 metres. This is where the entry-level wines are produced, such as Sotorrondero, Corolón and Bajondillo. In this division of the winery, Garnacha is not always dominant. Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon also contribute their share to the success of these wines. Good wines to make these Elegance, the fruit expression and the floral nuances of the winery style.

Another five hectares can be found on up to 850 metres in altitude, which, however, even after biodynamic guidelines are cultivated. Up here, the focus is entirely on Garnacha. The old vines have been successfully reactivated. Sunny days and cool nights result in minimal yields full of density and concentration. The granite rock gives the wines a neat stony-mineral character. Independent terroir wines full of identity, filigree and the finest fruit.

Also not to be missed is the fine Olive oil from Jiménez-Landi.

Text and wine expertise: © Marian Henß.