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Duemani: Luca D'Attomo and Elena Celli

This is Duemani: Luca D'Attomo and Elena Celli

The Duemani winery is based on three sites and three grape varieties break it down.
Luca d'Attomo and Elena Celli have planted Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah in the middle of Bolgheri - surrounded by great wine celebrities. At first, this sounds like a normal Bolgheri wine estate with the international sorts of grape common there. But Luca is an accomplished and sought-after enologist.

In their own project, he and his partner set very high standards for the sites and the work with the vines. The demeter winery aims at a holistic thinking and feels from year to year better resonances from nature.

The wines from the three grape varieties live from power, fruit concentration and fullness. At the same time, they never appear one-dimensional, but are characterized by their very own energy and vitality. Their wines always border on perfection. Biodynamics leaves clear traces here, which is also reflected in the stability and longevity of the wines.

More about Duemani

In addition to oppulence and density, a great individuality can be attested to the wines. The Altrovino is an ingenious cuvée of Merlot and Cabernet Franc as well as a good introduction to get a feeling for Duemani's wines.

The pure Cabernet Franc Duemani is enthroned on the highest level and is not unjustly called a Cheval Blanc Killer known. The famous Saint Emilion wine estate is also predominantly based on Cabernet Franc. However, Duemani is setting new standards here and could cause big surprises in blind tastings.

The Suisassi Syrah is voluminous, concentrated and a monument. This Syrah is amazingly accessible early and holds that drinking window for decades. A guarantee for success.

Luca d'Attomo is also responsible for the Wines from Valdemonjas from our assortment. The big parallels are the fruit concentration, the perfect integration of the wooden barrel and the intensity of the wines. His wines never seem clumsy - neither in Bolgheri nor in Ribera del Duero. Luca has a great knack to plant meaning and depth into these powerful wines, too.

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