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Perched in the picturesque heart of the Rioja Alavesa region of Spain, the Artadi winery is a living symbol of pure expression and fine craftsmanship manifested in every drop of their wine. This farm is far more than just a winery; it embodies a philosophy, tells a story and takes you on an ongoing journey of the grape from vineyard to bottle.

The roots of the house go back to 1985, when a group of dedicated winemakers came together to create wines of unparalleled quality that would shine on the global stage. Under the visionary leadership of Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, a distinctive style was quickly established here, characterised by unparalleled fruit purity and a deep appreciation for the land. More about the winery

More about Artadi

The soil in Rioja Alavesa is a canvas on which the Tempranillo grape - the heart and soul of the wines - paints its story. This region is blessed with a unique microclimate. The protection provided by the Sierra Cantabria mountains, the influence of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and the chalky, clay-rich soils create an environment where vines don't just grow; they thrive. The Tempranillo grape from this region is unique and gives the wines an elegance, finesse and depth that is hard to find elsewhere.

The terroir and the philosophy of the house

The vineyards are a patchwork of plots, each with its own identity, determined by age, altitude and soil type. From the revered single vineyard sites such as "La Poza de Ballesteros" and "Valdegines" to the old vines that contribute to "Viñas de Gain", each vineyard tells its own story. This winemaker has always believed in showing the personality of these individual plots, resulting in an exquisite portfolio of wines that range from powerful and structured to subtle and nuanced.
Respect for the land is at the heart of the farm's philosophy. Organic farming methods are used to ensure that the soils remain alive and dynamic. No herbicides or synthetic chemicals are used and the vineyards are tended by hand. This sustainable approach is not just about producing better grapes; it is about preserving the land for future generations.

But the magic doesn't stop in the vineyard. The winemaking process is a blend of tradition and innovation. Fermentation takes place in open vats, allowing a gentle extraction of flavours, while ageing takes place in French oak barrels to add complexity without overshadowing the inherent qualities of the grape. The result is a wine that speaks of its origins and offers drinkers a sensory experience that transports them to the vineyards of Rioja Alavesa.

In recent years, the house has also expanded its horizons beyond Rioja. With projects in regions such as Navarre and Alicante, it has also embraced other indigenous Spanish grape varieties, showing their potential with the same dedication and passion that has made their wines iconic.

But what really sets the winery apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity. In an era when mass production and commercialisation often dilute the essence of winemaking, it remains true to its principles. Each bottle with its label is not just a drink; it tells a story of the land, the people and the spirit of Spanish winemaking.

In essence, Artadi Winery serves as a reminder of the beauty that is created when nature and craftsmanship come together. It is a tribute to the power of terroir and the limitless possibilities that arise when passion, respect and innovation come together.