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Alphonse Mellot

The Alphonse Mellot wine estate belongs to the Loire region and here to the Sancerre appellation. In Sancerre you can find both white and red wines. However, this region is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc.

Silex - the famous floor

The limestone and flint soils, known as silex, give the wines the finishing touch. Instead of soapy and lush, the Sauvignon Blancs show themselves sparse, mineral. Sometimes even slightly smoky. Long-lived wines that have their charm both young and mature. These wines reach their full potential especially with fine cuisine.

The wines of Alphonse Mellot live from identity, character and reference to origin. The naturally loud, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc grape variety is at its elegant best here. One looks in vain for primary fruit and a perfumed appearance. Alphonse Mellot leaves the stage to purism, stoniness and barrenness. Fine, often ethereal and herbal aromas are in the foreground. The fruit always appears serious, green to yellowish and natural. At times a little like a Pouilly fumé.

alphonse mellot cave
Oak barrel in egg shape in the winery cellar. Photo: Alphonse Mellot Winery.

More about Alphonse Mellot

More about Alphonse Mellot

19 generations of experience

The winery is in its 19th generation. Father and son work side by side on the cultural heritage of their ancestors. In their monopollage "La Moussière" they grow Sauvignon Blanc as well as Pinot Noir of the highest quality.

The Sancerre "Cuvée Edmond" is a revelation in terms of Sauvignon Blanc and extremely strong in character. You can't get much more out of this variety in the wine world. It is very close to perfection. This top cuvée is named after the father.

With the Sancerre Generation XIX the next generation shows where the journey will lead. Precision and clarity are brought into focus. One experiences a rare commodity with the Pinot Noirs from the Loire, which are unjustly scarce in Germany. The quality level is extremely high and the wines full of elegance and complexity.

Written by Marian Henß
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