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Alphonse Mellot

Winery Alphonse Mellot belongs to the top of the Loire region, specifically the Sancerre appellation, and is known for its Sauvignon Blanc. The unique taste of the wines comes from the famous "Silex" soil, which consists of limestone and flint soils and gives the Sauvignon Blanc its mineral and sometimes slightly smoky taste.

Alphonse Mellot is a 19th generation winery where father and son work side by side to continue their family history. Their Sauvignon Blanc is elegant and characterised by fine, often herbal and ethereal aromas, with natural green to yellow fruit. The wines are a testament to the Mellot family's 19 generations of winemaking experience.

Her top cuvée, the Sancerre "Cuvée Edmond", is an exceptional example of Sauvignon Blanc and represents the highest that can be achieved with this grape variety. The "Generation XIX" Sancerre shows the precision and clarity Mellot strives for in her wines, while her Pinot Noirs are a rare delight, often overlooked in Germany despite being of the highest quality.

alphonse mellot cave
Oak barrel in egg shape in the winery cellar. Photo: Alphonse Mellot Winery.

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