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Château de Coulaine

The Loire River connects France from the Massif Central to the Atlantic coast. As the river flows, soils, grape varieties and styles vary enormously. The picturesque Château de Coulaine is located in Chinonthe absolute stronghold of the cabernet franc. One should clearly distinguish the Cabernet Francs of this region from the usually stronger red wines of Bordeaux. The Cabernet Francs stand here for Finesse, silky mouthfeel, slender appearance and spiciness with high maturation potential.

chateau de coulaine logo

Chateau de Coulaine coat of arms

There are countless castles along the Loire. Château de Coulaine and the family have been making history here for 500 years. Etienne de Bonnaventure is a passionate winemaker and far from the noble appearance of his ancestors. He stands for the craft, the vineyards and the work in the cellar. However, his wines are by no means rustic, but a reflection of their region full of elegance and complexity.

More about Château de Coulaine

The Bonnaventure family is very careful with the vineyards, similar to previous generations. Sustainability and a near-natural viticulture are not an empty marketing shell, but deepest conviction. Many of the vineyards were planted according to family lore. for centuries only natural and never with chemicals treated. Copper and sulfur are allowed in organic viticulture, but Etienne is in the lowest range of what is allowed.

de coulaine snow vineyards panorama

De Coulaine Snow Vineyards Panorama

Tradition meets the nerve of the time

Chinon stands for Cabernet Franc and so does the Bonnaventure family. The grape variety is per se blessed with a lot of tannins. Etienne counteracts this in the development. The Chinon Bonnaventure Still has robust tannin, but this one does a great job of highlighting the fruit. This Picture book Cabernet Franc smells like Cassis, cherries as well as paprika, pepper, clove and liquorice. Wonderfully spicy. The stony notes due to the sandstone escalate on the palate into cool elegance with fine-grained tannin.

The Chinon La Diablesse grows on a north-facing site with 80-year-old vines. The concentration and power of these old vines finds a lightness and vitality in the wine. The wine radiates with energy and embodies the strengths of the grape variety in the region. Concentrated fruit meets abundant spice, silky mouthfeel and promises a very long aging.

The only white wine in the portfolio is the Touraine Les Pieds Rôtis. The grape variety pure chenin blanc promises a potpourri of ripe stone fruit with a touch of honey on the nose. Typically Chenin, it presents itself cool and mineral with moderate acidity.

Written by Marian Henß
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de coulaine panorama clos de la maison

View of the Château and the surrounding vineyards