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Liv Vincendeau

Born and raised in Darmstadt, Liv Vincendeau first studied chemistry in York and Strasbourg. But then she was bitten by the wine bug and came to Anjou in 2000 to study viticulture and oenology. Then it was all up with her. She fell in love with this beautiful province and stayed. Her dream came true when she founded her own domaine in 2014. Her vineyards are located in the hills above the village of Rochefort sur Loire, near Angers. In a picturesque and historic landscape, which is protected by the French law on the protection of historical monuments. (site classé) is protected and La Corniche Angevine is called.

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Liv Vincendeau

Originally, half of Vincendeau's area was covered with chenin blanc one of the historic grape varieties of the Loire Valley. In 2015, a plot was planted with Grolleau Noir From day one, Liv has farmed her vineyards organically and has always made her wines according to the rules of organic farming (certified by Ecocert). For her, it was a natural choice. In 2019, she upgraded to biodynamic farming.

The terroir of their high altitude vineyards has an incredibly strong character. The soils are very stony: green & purple slate, spilite, phtannite (both of volcanic origin), quartz. These poor soils and the careful cultivation allow only very modest yields. Maximum 45 hectolitres per hectare or less, depending on the age of the vineyard.

The winemaker does most of the work herself - whether in the cellar, vineyard or in sales. Just as it should be for a young business. In addition, a small team of loyal local seasonal workers supports during the work peaks - harvest, pruning, bottling & labeling. The family also likes to help a lot.

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