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Claude de Nell

The Clau de Nell winery is located in a privileged location in Anjou on the Loire. The wines have been inspiring the wine world since the beginning of the millennium. Due to financial difficulties, the winery could only be saved by selling it. Fortunately, the renowned vintner was considered to be Anne-Claude Leflaive from Burgundy as a fan of the wines of Clau de Nell. At the latest with the engagement of the Grande Dame of the Chardonnay, the winery moved into the focus of the wine world. Leflaive is famous for the perfect expression of a microclimate based on a single grape variety. The team at the Loire follows this guiding principle until today.

Almost all wines are single-varietal. The only cuvée of the winery is made from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon and bears the euphonious name of Purple. This is not meant to be a nod to Bordeaux. It is much more a successful symbiosis of two grape varieties that work wonderfully together. Wonderfully intense, full of berry fruit and generously expansive on the palate.

More about Clau de Nell

The Chenin Blanc of the house is a rare good and usually sold out quickly. The grape variety comes perfectly into its own. Taut, full of identity and vibrant on the palate. There is almost an obligation to buy here. The varietal wines from Cabernet Franc and Grolleau deliver a veritable cornucopia of dark, fruity as well as floral aromas. Wines that have a lot of charm in their youth and develop it further with time.

The triumph of the Loire

The hype around the Loire does not seem to stop. Besides Burgundy and Jura, this cool region of France is experiencing a never-ending wave of enthusiasm. At Clau de Nell, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc are typical for this area of the Loire. Vine age is very high throughout the estate. Low yields, but an aromatic density are the logical consequences. It will be extremely exciting to observe how this wine estate will develop. The team in Burgundy seems to be very well positioned and is motivated to achieve great things. Fortunately, this energy is also influencing the fortunes of Clau de Nell.

Written by Marian Henß
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