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The Nin Ortiz Family

The Nin-Ortiz Winery belongs to the new generation of the Priory.

While for the pioneers of the region, powerful, mostly very ripe harvested wines were the measure of all things at first, today one thinks above all of sustainable cultivation. Vitality, freshness and elegance in the wines are the goal. Ester Nin, together with Sara Perez, Rene Barbier jr. and Dominik Huber from Terroir al Limit as the great second generation in the Priory.

Ester is an experienced, respected oenologist and advises top wineries such as Clos Erasmus and Cal Raspallet, among others. Her husband Carles Ortiz supports them diligently. Their vineyards are located in the northern part of Priorat, around the village of Porrera. The sites are spectacular and breathtaking for any wine lover. In the picturesque Priory superlatives occur very often, but here you experience a new level. The two live the guiding principle of biodynamics out of deepest conviction. Their corks are adorned with the motto "biodynamic since day one".

Their Plañetes de Nin already shows impressively what kind of wines the two are capable of. It is based on up to 80-year-old Cariñena and Garnacha vines. Dark fruit paired with pure minerality, which stands up to the obvious power in the wines. The result is great pleasure.

Plowing with horse at Nin Ortiz

More about Familia Nin Ortiz

The single vineyard sites trump this many times over. The Nit de Nin Mas d'en Cacador glows with energy. It is based on the same vines as its "little brother". Some of the vines are over a hundred years old. Earthy dark nuances meet finesse and fine herbal notes. Pure elegance. Despite all concentration and density, it feels cool and light on its feet. The slate minerality is fabulous and the wine is an example for the new Priorat. Away from fruit bombs to character wines with liveliness.

For some time now, vineyards of highest quality have been developing in the region. In this context, one likes to speak of Grand Crus. Mas d'en Cacador definitely belongs to this category. The second Grand Cru vineyard is the Nit de Nin Coma d'en Romeu and consists of seventy-year-old garnacha. He seems a tad broader and punchier, lives more on spices and dark chocolate aroma. It's hard to decide between these two world-class growths.

Both deliver pure hedonism and unlimited drinking pleasure.

The Plañetes de Nin Blanco from the extremely rare Cariñena Blanco can undoubtedly count itself among the best white wines of Spain. Full of individuality and spice, this wine is a blessed piece of Catalonia. We simply can't stop raving about these wines.

New wine cellar at Nin Ortiz