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Inagaki Tomoo Tabletop
Inagaki Tomoo Tabletop

It is not easy to define Dolcetto, because it is incredibly versatile.

There are 12 different denominazioni, creating a wide range of identities, from fresh and easy drinking to deep and austere.

To get an overview, we can say that Dolcetto is an intense, fruity everyday wine with low alcohol and acidity. We find aromas of plums, blackberries, liquorice and a very pronounced finish with bitter almond notes. It does not have a long ageing potential and is generally drunk young. There are exceptions - as there always are in the wine world.

It grows on hills between 250 and 600m a.s.l., but also at 700m a.s.l., preferably on soils of calcareous marl. Dolcetto ripens relatively early, so that it is also suitable for cold areas or northern locations.
It is one of the most widespread grape varieties in Piedmont, but is also grown in Liguria, Lombardy and even Australia.