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Portal del Priorat

Portal del Priorat has been Alfredo Arribas' jewel since 2011. The architect from Barcelona, who studied and is still practising, turned to wine as a career changer. The labels and the winery building, which is very well integrated into the landscape, are correspondingly aesthetic. Much more spectacular, however, are his wines and the slopes on which they grow. At the time of its foundation, the priory still had some fallow vineyards at its disposal. With much love and painstaking work, the team has re-cultivated them and brought them back into production. The focus is mainly on Garnacha Negra and Cariñena. But Syrah and a little Cabernet Sauvignon are also used in two of his wines.
alfredo arribas showcasing soil types of priorat

The gateway to the priory

The microclimatic peculiarity of the Priorat is the combination of poor slate soils, little rainfall and mainly in winter, as well as a strongly pronounced day-night amplitude. With the lowest yields, wines of high aroma density and demanding texture are produced. With his wines Gotes del Priorat and Negre de Negres, Alfredo knows extremely well how to conjure up a lot of Priorat in the bottle for relatively little money. With Somni, he succeeds year after year in creating a grandiose cuvée of Cariñena and Syrah. Mediterranean spiciness, power and elegance at the same time characterise this wine.
He fills a Cariñena from vines over a hundred years old with the Tros de Clos. Full of concentrated aromas and with plenty of cooling minerality, this is a monument and absolute reference for this grape variety and region.

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For label drinkers

For the labels, the basis is identical from year to year, but there are small changes in the motif. Usually it is the protagonists who make a vintage recognisable. But the "brand" itself immediately catches your eye.

From the outside, the winery nestles gently into the hillside. The area was partially cut into the slate and thus brings good temperature regulation and little direct sunlight to the building.
Also exciting to watch is his Alfredo Arribas winery in neighbouring Montsant, as well as his experimental natural wine line Vins Nus from the north of Priorat.

negre de negres label

portal del priorat winery building portal del priorat winery building

Photos: Clos de Portal
Text: Marian Henß
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