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Nikolaihof Wachau

Martin Saahs in front of a barrel in the cellar of Nikolaihof

This winery can look back on over 2000 years of history and is the oldest still active winery in Austria. The Nikolaihof in the Wachau is a very special place. The Saahs family has been running this cult winery for more than 100 years.
Biodynamic since 1971
As a founding member of the Austrian Demeter Association, they cultivate their vineyards Biodynamic for more than 50 years. Absolute pioneers in the wine world. The vineyards, which they obviously prefer to call vineyards themselves, radiate an insane energy.

The biodiversity, the balance and the scent of meadow herbs in these gardens are fabulous. Just like their vineyards, the family is literally at rest.

Above all Riesling and Grüner Veltliner determine the range here in the Wachau. But Muskateller and Neuburger also provide the basis for great wines in the steep vineyards along the Danube.

More about Nikolaihof

More about Nikolaihof Wachau

Vineyard as ecosystem

Living in harmony and rhythm with nature naturally also determines the vineyard work. Nicholas Saahs spends time every day in the vineyards and with his vines. He maintains a close bond with the plant and nature. Instead of using herbicides, pesticides and synthetic sprays, the Saahs rely on the biodynamic teas based on nettle, valerian and horsetail and the scheduled Preparations of horn silica and horn manure. This intact ecosystem is noticeable in the wines.

An Federspiel of Riesling or Grüner Veltliner provides such a Excitement and diversity at prettier Finesse and lightness. The wines show this energy and substance with abnormally low alcohol levels. The vitality of these wines hardly decreases even when ripe. Saah's philosophy is to let nature take its course, intervene as little as possible and give the wines time to develop. In the cellar, the wines experience the same calm and serenity.

In the cellar of the Nikolaihof

The maturation in the old cellar from Roman times takes place in large wooden barrels. The wines are allowed to mature on the yeast for a long time. With the late fillings this also means a good 15 years' maturity. These wines are blessed with such energy, vibrate with excitement and complexity. This complexity and lightness runs like a thread through the entire range.

The Wines from the old tree press are like lore from times past. The inner structure of these wines is phenomenal. The Winery HM Lang has taken its cue from this press and interpreted it in its own way.

The 2008 Yellow Muscat is an ingenious example of this aromatic variety, which is to umami-heavy cuisine with soy, miso & co. unfolds its full potential.

Perfect score

The first dry Riesling in the world, to which the renowned wine guide Robert Parker the highest score of 100 points was of course from the Nikolaihof. Curiously, in the same year, the winery was severely criticized by an Austrian wine guide and rated very weak.

No one wanted to buy the wine in Austria. When the 1995 Riesling Vinothek reached this milestone of the highest grade after almost 20 years of maturity, the phone did not stand still anymore. Mrs. Saahs reacted cool and refused any sensational new customers this wine. But she gave everyone the opportunity to enjoy this wine by the glass in her own restaurant on the farm from then on. A great move.

Written by Marian Henß and Living Wines

Emerald lizard in the Nikolaihof vineyard

Steiner dog from above

Steiner Dog Vineyard of the Nikolaihof

Greening the Nikolaihof vineyard