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Michael Andres

michael andres in the vineyardHis actions are rooted in feeling and sensing, in the confrontation with nature and terroir. Michael Andres experiences the vine and its environment first hand. In the vineyard, during the harvest, during the selection. His vineyards are characterized by two qualities: vitality and diversity. In the cellar he accompanies the wines in their development process. Michael takes on a rather passive role as an observer.

The winery is deliberately kept small with seven hectares, so that Andres can keep an overview alone and on his own responsibility.

More about Michael Andres

horsetail preparations in the vineyard by andres

As a convinced biodynamicist, Michael Andres relies on herbal preparations to strengthen the land and the vine.

The diverse sites with mostly red sandstone in the subsoil are his home. The so-called Mittelhaardt is home to valuable Riesling vineyards. From the sites Riding trail, Herrgottsacker and mouse cave Andres produces very good Rieslings, which are sometimes considered an insider tip. The parcel in the Deidesheim Maushöhle is one of the last terraced vineyards in the Palatinate and at the same time one of the highest sites.

Much wine

Anders' wines are still outrageously affordable. The Lagen-Rieslings deliver great pleasure from the best, natural surroundings. In addition to Riesling, the varieties of the Burgundy family also find their well-deserved place in the range.

Experiments and sparkling wines

Under the new N-Line, Andres offers classic grape varieties from small batches. N stands for Natural, No Filtration, No Limits, Next Level. Here, he can let off steam experimentally. The wines are very different. Sometimes oxidative, sometimes marked by tannins and sometimes dominated by a strong reduction.

Michael Andres is also known from his Sparkling wine winery Andres and Muglerwhich he made together with his friend Steffen Mugler operates. Precision is also the top priority for the sparkling wines, which we also keep in our range. a similar idea is pursued in both businesses. The professional exchange with his companion brings both winemakers qualitatively constantly forward.

Written by Marian Henß
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