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New wineries

New wineries

thomas bouley in his vineyards

New winery: Thomas Bouley, Volnay

The Jean-Marc Bouley winery is certainly one of the most interesting wineries on the Côte de Beaune. For a long time, it was one of the most respected but not really celebrated wineries in Volnay. Jean-Marc Bouley had brought it to a good level, but remained there in a certain way until his son Thomas... 

vigna le marcone cinque campi lambrusco winery

The Lambrusco Revival: Cinque Campi

For many people, Lambrusco was for a long time a wine like Chianti in a raffia bottle or Soave in a litre bottle from the pizza parlour. It was one of those wines of the 1970s that, after a night of drinking and smoking, made you wake up at noon on a Sunday with a splitting headache. This wine is... 

boris champy in basement

New winery: Domaine Boris Champy

It is not every day that one can announce a newly founded domaine in Burgundy. This is not really the case with Domaine Boris Champy either; for he has taken over the domaine from Didier Montchovet and thus the oldest Demeter-certified vineyard in Burgundy. The process is nevertheless spectacular,... 

matassa alexandria tiny tasting blog

Portrait - Matassa from Tom Lubbe

How does a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa end up founding an iconoclastic winery in Roussillon? It's not exactly commonplace, but that's how it all is with Tom Lubbe of Domaine Matassa. In the late 90s, Tom worked at the only winery in South Africa that used spontaneous fermentation and low...