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Tenuta di Castellaro

lipari view to sea tenuta di castellaroVineyard with a view - the unglamorous vineyards of Tenuta di Castellaro. Photo: Winery

The Tenuta di Castellaro is located on Lipari. A picturesque island, part of the Aeolian (Lipari) archipelago north of Sicily. Various volcanoes, such as Stromboli, have formed and shaped these islands. Fissured volcanic rock and volcanic sand richly supplied with minerals are the legacies. Individual plots of land have other soil formations and allow for the creation of a very exciting and varied assortment.

On a plateau of the island, the small winery is situated at an altitude of over 300 metres. Only indigenous grape varieties are cultivated in the typical single-pole method. A mixture of sun, sea, wind and a large day-night temperature gradient leaves its mark on the wines. Besides the omnipresent Nero d'Avola, they also use grape varieties such as Carricante, Malvasia and the Greek Corinto. The wines have their own exciting characteristics. The mineral soils, the environment and the gentle vinification form their very own, unmistakable style.

The grapes for the wine grow on pumice stone. Bianco Pomicenamely Malvasia and Carricante. A spicy, racy wine with structure and salty aromas that we can imagine perfectly with seafood. Viewed from above, the Lipari islands form the shape of a Ypsilon. The wine of the same name is made from Corinto, Nero'Avola and Alicante. It is emblematic of the emotions and flavours of the place. A red wine full of freshness and lightness. Its vitality radiates the feeling of life and pure pleasure when enjoyed.

A true speciality is provided by the Malvasia delle Lipari. The grapes from the terraced vineyards are dried under the sun for a fortnight after harvesting. The resulting wines develop an aroma that is discreetly reminiscent of sultanas. In addition to its sweetness, this Passito has a clear minerality and scores points for its lively, animating acidity on the palate.

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terroir of tenuta di castellaro

terroir of tenuta di castellaro