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Nittnaus Anita & Hans

The winery of Hans and Anita Nittnaus is one of the leading wineries and has had a formative influence on the quality revolution in Austrian viticulture. This family is driven by curiosity and innovation; by the desire to represent their homeland through wine. It is also to the credit of the Nittnaus family that the Burgenland is now indispensable from the wine lists of this world.

The Burgenland, on the eastern edge of Austria, opens up towards the Pannonian Plain. Here, near the Neusiedlersee, an association of experienced, intelligent and forward-looking winegrowers came into being. "PANNOBILE". The founding members did not want to accept the status quo of Austrian viticulture at that time, but wanted to make their self-image of quality heard.

The popular entry-level cuvée from Nittnaus is called Lime & Slate and is the epitome of the winery's idea of producing clear, easy-drinking and authentic wines. In the Joiser locations at the Leithagebirge the slate soils produce Chardonnays with a strong character, a light melt and a lot of spice.

Pannonia has been known for its red wines for quite some time. The Pannobile winemakers have made it possible to slowly but surely establish their region firmly in the wine world. This was initially achieved with the international varieties that were so popular at the time: Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah. Powerful wines in the international style were filled and celebrated great success.

But Pannobile has also always stood for its homeland and the conditions and values that prevail there. Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent were the important grape varieties and the very DNA of the region. A Pannobile red has always had to be made from these grape varieties.

Today, you can hardly find the international grape varieties. Even if this phase was very important for the development of the winegrowers.

In the meantime, the children's generations of the former pioneers have taken over their parents' businesses. They all continue the guiding principle. Only today, most of them think more sustainable, more natural, and more regional. Chardonnay has firmly established itself, most of the other international varieties had to give way. The local sorts of grape determine the assortments.

The Winery Nittnaus is also in the process of handing over the reins to sons Andi and Martin. A great team: two brothers who couldn't be more different, but who complement each other perfectly. Andi is a master of his craft, calm and level-headed. Martin is extroverted, creative and full of energy. Like their father (known as "John" Nittnaus), they see wine as food, striving towards a natural product.

Pure and unadulterated, the wines reflect their homeland. The origin and sites should be clearly recognizable in the individual wines. Both in Gols on Lake Neusiedl as well as at the nearby Leithaberg you will find the vineyards. Lime and slate are the respective determining rock formations and shape the wines with their very different characters. The wines of the Nittnaus family want timeless and unmistakable be.

It gets really exciting with the wines of young winemaker Martin Nittnaus. The extroverted winemaker talent gives his Grüner Veltliners names like Elektra or Manila. Elektra stands for a vibrating, tension-laden wine. Silky and powerful at the same time. Perfect with roasted pumpkin slices with garlic, anise, thyme and coriander seeds.

Martin knows the Philippine capital Manila from a trip. For him, it is the definition of chaos. Thus, the wine of the same name is also nervous, wild and tempting in the best sense.