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Maison Stephan

Stephan started in 1991 with three hectares in the municipality of Tupin. He was lucky to acquire a vineyard with very old vines at that time. He replanted a second vineyard and vinified his first wine in 1994. His wines were clearly different from those of the other vintners at the Côte-Rôtie. His completely unique style had a lot to do with his work in the cellar. In the vineyard, he works completely by hand, biologically-or-ganically with mechanical soil care without any chemical means. In the cellar, the grapes, which are not destemmed, undergo a 24-hour pre-fermentation before being fermented spontaneously in a macération carbonique at a cool 10° C for about 20 days. After the wines have been aged, a minimum of sulphur is added only at bottling. The wines are neither fined nor filtered