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Johannes Zillinger

johannes zillinger in the vineyard

johannes zillinger in the vineyard

The Johannes Zillinger winery in the Weinviertel region has been living in harmony with nature for over 40 years. Organic and biodynamics are not trends here, but a way of life. Avoiding chemicals and manipulation characterises the philosophy of the winery, especially when it comes to the environment, water, nutrition and, above all, wine.
Johannes Zillinger favours a healthy soil structure as the key to remarkable and exciting wines. In his cellars, he gives the wines free space to develop. His approach is biodynamics 2.0, in which he sees the vineyards as diverse habitats. He grows herbs for teas, extracts and essential oils, which are used in the vineyard, directly between the vines. This promotes biodiversity and gives the terroir a unique character that is reflected in the wines.
Sheep, chickens and "Kune Kune" pigs graze between the vines. Johannes Zillinger plants trees and shrubs on the east side of the south-facing vineyards as "natural air conditioning systems", giving nature back a piece of land. With his nature-orientated approach in the cellar, he frames the works of art painted by nature and creates natural wines of unique expressiveness.