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HM Long

The "HM" in HM Lang stands for the married couple Heideline and Markus. Not only two letters, but also only two grape varieties are used by the Langs in their Kremstal vineyards: Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. And also, to date, only two layers in which they work. Steiner Schreck and Braunsdorfer. With 2.5 hectares and low production, the Demeter-certified winery belongs more to the boutique category. But that would be completely missing the point.

Markus Lang is actually at home in Vienna and has taken a completely different career path. In his home on the Danube, he can now pursue his passion for wine and realise his dream. As an autodidact, he approaches the work in the vineyard and the vinification with his very own approach. There is no room for reservations and a false fixation on tradition. He has been working biodynamically in the steep vineyards since the beginning. The demeter certificate quickly followed.

The rock cellar of HM Lang

The rock cellar of HM Lang

The primary rock soils of the steep Danube terraces have always been considered the ideal home for the aforementioned grape varieties - Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. He was able to take over vines that were up to 80 years old and benefits from the low but sensory outstanding yields of these meagre soils. An old and deep rock cellar was also up for sale. Deep underground, Lang was able to move into an impressive and constantly cool natural cellar that gives the wine time and peace.

The Danube valley is also home to the famous Nikolaihof Winerywhich has been working with an old tree press for generations. Following this tradition, Markus Lang had a tree press built. At 100 tonnes, it is probably the most powerful tree press in the world. For several days, his wines are pressed on it in the open air, before they are then run into the rock cellar through downward pressure. In the large wooden barrel of the popular Cooper Stockinger the wines then mature for two full years with yeast contact. Without filtration, he fills his wines into the bottle and lets them rest there for a few months before they go on sale. Completely contrary to the usual market trends and the cry for young wines, here the "slow winemaking" lived.

His Grüner Veltliner is called "Third Act" and the Riesling "this is not a love song". It sounds like marketing, but the wines are made with so much thought and time that you want to sink your teeth into them. The wines are precise, extremely individual and radiate an inner calm. Absolute long-distance runners.

Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.