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Francesco Cirelli is on the sunny side of life. Always in a good mood and positive. His small winery comprises only four hectares of vineyards. His holistic concept is rounded off by figs, olives, cereals and a few animals. Besides the vineyards planted in the Abruzzo unavoidable grape variety Montepulciano Francesco also relies on Pecorino and Trebbiano. His wines are something for purists. The motto is: "less is more". The cultivation in the vineyards is as natural as possible. Filtration, clarification, sulfur, enzymes or the like are not used in the cellar. Francesco plays the entire keyboard of the wines of Abruzzo in his assortment.

Pecorino and Trebbiano show their typical strengths. Pecorino slightly nutty with a delicate melting. The Trebbiano presents itself spicy, dense and Mediterranean. Cerasuolo is a rosato with a strong character that goes well with powerful dishes. Montepulciano succeeds silky and filigree with tension and life. Its Amphora Series provides newcomers to this corner of the wine world with a successful start that does not raise too many question marks. With the Amphora Rosso from three vintages his idea flows into perfection. One should have tasted this wine to experience this extended level of a harmonious maturity.

francesco cirelli at his amphorae

francesco cirelli at his amphorae

Against the current

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is one of the absolute success stories in Italian gastronomy. After Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, this pig was literally driven through the village. If you take a closer look at this phenomenon, the arguments can be interpreted clearly. A dark-fruity, powerful, but at the same time pleasantly mild red wine is obviously in demand among the masses, which shows little rough edges. There is nothing wrong with that. But it is clear that the Montepulciano grape variety as well as the other varieties of the region have plenty more to offer. And as always in such situations, there is much shadow and little light. Francesco Cirelli is working completely against the mainstream. The previously mentioned taste picture of a banal red wine does not inspire him as well as us. In the cellar, he therefore relies on steel, concrete, and amphorae. The wines do not experience unnecessary extraction and relatively short mash contact. Lightness, drinkability and digestibility are his maxims. He succeeds very well despite the warm Mediterranean climate and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The wines offer a great price-pleasure ratio and plenty of Mediterranean flair.

Written by Marian Henß
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