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Quinta de la Quietud

The oenologist of «Quinta de la Quietud» previously worked in Bordeaux, among others at the world-famous Châteaus Haut-Brion and Cheval Blanc. As a native Frenchman, Jean-Francois Hébrard belongs to an unusual species in central Spain. He learned his knowledge of red wine production and the skilful use of oak barrels from the best winemakers in Bordeaux. In Toro, Spain, the combination of ancient vines, hot dry climate and the barren, chalky soils is inspiring.

Great silence in the Toro

Quinta de la Quietud is located in Toro, just two kilometres south of the left bank of the Duero. The vines of the Quinta grow at an altitude between 665 and 700 metres. On 22 hectares, the quinta cultivates almost only one grape variety - Tinta de Toro. In addition, an unusual sweet wine is produced from Malvasia. The wine is matured in small oak barrels of French and American origin with long maceration periods.

biodynamic viticulture quinta de la quietud
Quinta: Part of a pasture or land.
The place where everything happens.

Quietud: Silence, calm, rest.
The term that so aptly describes the area of the winery.

More about Quinta de la Quietud

The kinship of the Tinta de Toro (as Tempranillo is called in the region) with the grape varieties of Hébrard's French past is unmistakable. His aim is to rein in the power of the Tinta de Toro in this warm environment. From the beginning, he has strived to produce elegant, cool wines full of elegance and finesse. One of the first measures was to convert to organic viticulture in order to have a positive effect on the balance in the vineyard. Biodynamics followed and is still present in the Riserva - as a harmonising force.

The Top wine La Mula already has cult status in the wine world. It is bursting with energy and power. Rich fruit meets perfectly polished tannin and silky mouthfeel. The balance of these concentrated wines is remarkable. Few other oenologists (such as Luca d'Attomo of Duemani) have mastered the fine work of merging these concise attributes into a unity.

The Corral de Campanas entry wine delivers excellent drinking pleasure with high fruit intensity at an extremely attractive price. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this.

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Jean-Francois Hébrard is also responsible for the wines of the wineries Attis and Sangarida in Galicia from our range. Both whites and reds succeed in the Rias Baixas on the Atlantic, but also in the higher Bierzo. Elegant masterpieces based on Albariño, Godello and Mencia as well as rare autochthonous grape varieties.

quinta de la quietud toro vineyards

quinta de la quietud toro vineyards