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Little wine school

Little wine school

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Rosé - An experiment

After the interesting article in the FAZ am Sonntag recommending many rosés from Lebendige Weine, I thought I would also express my opinion on the subject of "rosé wines". Just a few days ago I served some of these "divisive" wines during a wine club and the ensuing discussion was really interesting. I... 

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Orange wine: the new old wine colour

There is something special about orange wines that makes them a fascinating choice at any time of year. They uniquely combine the refreshing nature of white wines with the structure of red wines. The intense colour that a glass of orange wine exhibits can brighten any moment and create a calming atmosphere. In... 

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Step by step through Burgundy: Chablis

Burgundy! A name that immediately conveys finesse. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at the highest level, but also Aligoté and Gamay contribute to the region's amazing portfolio. Names like Côte d'Or, Beaune, Pouilly-Fuissé and Chablis are on the minds of all wine lovers and on the wine lists of the most important restaurants. But what... 

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Little Wine School: Beaujolais

Gamay Today understood as a cross between Pinot Noir and the old white grape variety Gouais, Gamay produces a rich harvest and ripens two weeks earlier than Pinot Noir. This results in fruity wines with low alcohol and tannin content, high acidity and light to medium body. It was a lucky...