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Saint Jean Du Barroux

he Saint Jean du Barroux estate is known for its particularly pure wine interpretations from the Côtes du Ventoux region. It was founded by former chemist Philippe Gimel, who, with the help of the famous geologist Claude Bourguignon, searched for the perfect patch of land and chose the mountainous slopes of Le Barroux in the Ventoux for his vines. Although he started with just a few hectares, he now farms 16 hectares of old vines that are carefully tended - organically grown and hand harvested to protect the land and showcase its stunning terroir, which spans various altitudes on the lower slopes of the Ventoux Mountains.

Low-yielding grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache and Carignan grow on the poor, sandy soils of the highest altitudes. Philippe perfected his winemaking skills during his time at Château Pierre-Bise in the Loire and Château de Beaucastel in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. His ethos is to make wines that clearly demonstrate the quality potential of Ventoux.

He makes three different cuvées from the same vineyards, but separates the grapes according to cluster size. La Source is made from the larger, juicier grapes, L'Argile from smaller grapes and some stems, and La Pierre Noire from the smallest grapes, where the fruit and a high proportion of stems create a powerful red wine. Philippe does not use oak and his wines are aged in concrete tanks to bring out his fine fruit expressions