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Roc des Anges

The "Roc des Anges" winery is amazing! An insider tip, and that despite the fact that Roussillon has been causing a stir for quite a while. Here, Marjorie and Stéphane Gallet have quietly worked their way to the top of the region.

They inspire with their elegant, timeless wines with a Mediterranean flair. The mixture of barren soils, the warm factor of the Mediterranean and the cool winds from the Pyrenees works perfectly here.

From Grenache Gris and Macabeu, they create harmonious white wines that represent their region, go very well with Mediterranean cuisine and bring a lot of character. Like Marjorie, the wines are absolutely at rest. Pi Vell is a pure Macabeu. This grape variety is mainly found here in the region. Pi Vell benefits from a very tart, lemony aroma that smells congenial in the glass with saltiness and dried herbs.

The Segna de Cor is a red cuvée from the who is who the regional grape varieties: Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. Dark, spicy aromas, Mediterranean herbs, olive and some dark chocolate. A brilliant wine to go with life-affirming cuisine.

Inspiration for a whole generation.

Gérard Gauby of the Domaine of the same name is considered the father of modern Roussillon. After internships and instructive years, some of our wineries have emerged from this nucleus. Matassa, Terroir al LimitRoc des Anges and also the Domaine de l'Horizon, which is well-known in Germany. Marjorie made her first experiences with biodynamics at Gauby. Today she follows a similar philosophy in her own vineyard.

Marjorie and Stéphane Gallet

With love for Carignan and Maury

Among the red grape varieties, Carignan is particularly close to her heart. The 1903 Carignan comes from ancient vines that are true to their roots. With frighteningly low yields, the result is a very profound, honest wine. The wines of Roc des Anges have something meditative about them. 1903 Carignan explicitly radiates this tranquillity.

A regional speciality is Maury. Stephane was able to gain a lot of experience with the oxidatively vinified wine. The Maury from 1996 smells wonderfully of dried plums, figs and roasted nuts. The sweetness is very well integrated. The Maury has its great strength with nutty dishes, chocolate desserts and blue cheese. It is important to chill it slightly for freshness.
Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.