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One winery, two grape varieties. The micro-farm has only three hectares and cultivates Frappato and Nero d'Avola. Manenti is and lives the appellation Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Since the foundation of this only DOCG in Sicily, that is, the highest designation of origin for Italian wines, Manenti has existed here in the region around Ragusa. The values of the winery can be summarized in two words: Honesty and sincerity. That's what you want to express with every single bottle.

There are only three wines. One from each of the two grape varieties and with the Cerasuolo a cuvée. Due to the sandy soils of the Sicilian southeast and the high competition in the vineyard, the vines are forced to root deeply. The results of their efforts are aroma density and natural acidity with low yields. One looks for overripe here in vain. Amazing is the Finesse and lightness in the wines, considering the hot, dry climate.

Elegance and wholesomeness are paramount.

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