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Corzano e Paterno

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Corzano e Paterno is a picturesque country estate in the southern region of Florence, surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany. The area is not only known for its red wines, but also for the production of olive oil, which benefits from the abundant sunshine and cool winds. These temperature fluctuations give the wines of Corzano e Paterno freshness and elegance. The winery epitomises the romantic ideals of a Tuscan winery that produces wine, cheese and olive oil.


More about Corzano e Paterno

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The Mediterranean influence is immediately noticeable in the region, as the warm climate, the barren soil and the cool winds provide a perfect combination for wine production. The white wine Il Corzanello Bianco and the rosé Il Corzanello Rosato are an example of the light-hearted, Mediterranean style.

Chianti Terre di Corzano represents a juicy, lively Sangiovese with incredible drinkability. The flagship I Tre Borri, made exclusively from Sangiovese, is a dark, spicy wine suitable for special moments with friends and big meals. Corzano e Paterno is the perfect destination to experience the beauty and passion of Tuscan wine, cheese and olive oil production.

Natural rhythm by conviction

Only about twenty of the 140 hectares are planted with vines. Corzano e Paterno has always been a mixed farm and sees the advantages of mixed cultivation above all in the biodiversity. Elsewhere, unfortunately, winegrowing is often dominated by dreary monoculture. The Sheep are not only used for the production of milk and cheese, but also for the enliven the vineyards and olive groves. The natural cycle is ensured by their food and digestion in this intact ecosystem.

In the past, the estate was even better known for its olive oils than for its wines. A witness of this time is the old stone mill. The Olive oils are of great quality, both as a single variety and in blends, and are an absolute recommendation.

Written by Marian Henß
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