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blue champagne

It was not until the late 1990s that the Jewel Chêne Bleu rediscovered, recultivated and replanted. Previously, the vineyards had lain fallow for almost 30 years. Situated high in the Ventoux hills, at the northernmost point of Provence, one can experience both a Mediterranean warmth from the south as well as strong wind currents and cool nights.The winery is situated at 550 to 630 metres above sea level, which is definitely a boon for elegance, freshness and acidity in the wines in times of global warming.

Haute couture of viticulture

Many famous appellations like Gigondas or Côtes du Ventoux are in the immediate vicinity, so that one did not want to make any compromises. Today, the wines are simply bottled as "Vin de Pays", thus, country wine. This does not mean that the system of appellations and thus protected origins are not respected. It is much more about maintaining the freedom for different styles that would not fit into such grids.

More about Chêne Bleu

Chêne Bleu designates the range of Wines as Haute Couture. Thus, attributes such as tailor-made or perfectly fitting are often used in this context. Qualitatively, one has the highest demands on the products. These wines are not made of silk and velvet, but of the typical grape varieties of Southern France: Grenache, Syrah, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne.

Proverbial manual work

Manual work one implements following this concept wortgetereu. Manual harvesting into small containers. Elaborate double selection at the sorting table to use only perfect berries. Almost all grapes are freed from stalks. Pure fruit is the goal. Each plot is vinified individually and vinified in small casks. Depending on the type of wine, steel tanks, concrete barrels or small to medium-sized wooden barrels are used. The character and taste of the different vineyards are meticulously preserved.

The moon pretends

The biodynamic practice according to the lunar calendar shows success and helps to bring out the individual.
Balance and finesse are the goal in all wines. A certain fruit concentration can be attested, which is always vitalized by a lively acidity. The rosé is a positive example that stands out from the sea of Provence rosé.

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