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Andres & Mugler

The two friends Michael Andres and Steffen Mugler started in 1989 with only one barrel and 1000 liters of Riesling. The clear goal: Sparkling wine made according to the traditional method and with long yeast aging in the bottle. Out of this idea the Sparkling wine estate Andres & Mugler emerged. The two additionally run their own wineries under their names in the Palatinate.

In the early years, the duo could live out and discharge its energy. Experiments with different grape varieties, barrels and maturation periods were the order of the day. The perfection of the craft is still the maxim today. The realization was to work best with vines from their own vineyards. Only this way, they had their hand on the basic product and were able to determine the further course in the sparkling process.

In their search for the best possible quality, Michael Andres and Steffen Mugler came across the Biodynamics and its effects on the vineyard and the plant thrust upon them. Today, they also live out this idea as people - not just as winemakers. In the vineyard and cellar, this means acting in harmony with natural Rhythm and the phases of the moon. The renunciation of any chemical or synthetic means. The discharge of the Preparations and teas is crucial to protect or send signals to the plant. An intact, balanced ecosystem in the vineyard is the pledge for physiologically mature but in the potential alcohol restrained grapes, which nevertheless offer tension. With the second fermentation in the bottle the base wines develop a little alcohol again, so that a low initial alcohol is enormously important in sparkling wine production.

Your Blanc de Noir Brut is a bank for a spicy, voluminous sparkling wine year after year. The Chardonnay Auxerrois Brut lives from its freshness, fruit and radiates the highest elegance.

In addition to their friendship, Michael and Steffen are connected above all by curiosity. The two never rest. They are always looking for exchange and try out new expansion methods and handles. This is a great, mutual source of inspiration for the two quality fanatics.