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podere salicutti brunello

Francesco Leandra has been working in the vineyards of Salicutti for over thirty years. The land is marked by vine, olives and forest. Its vineyards have received perfect ecological care over the years and have been never loaded with synthetic agents.

Salicutti is a jewel in the heart of the famous Tuscan village of Montalcino.

The small vineyard extends over 4.5 hectares, all of which are approved for Brunello production. Brunello di Montalcino is a seal of quality and, alongside the many Super Tuscans, a clear statement for Sangiovese. Sangiovese does not necessarily have to convince through power. Much more shines this Tuscan Original grape variety by race, elegance and longevity. It can also counter its bloody nature with minerality and a fine-grained tannin.

The new layers

We find the renewed efforts to improve not only the location of the Piaggione to establish two more layers. Teatro and Sorgente not only ensure an expansion of the range, but above all show the diversity of this grape variety. Similar to a Pinot Noir, Sangiovese can clarify its terroir very well.

The limestone in the subsoil provides a linear, stony component in the wines. The three plots then vary greatly in their orientation to the sun. The smallest adjustment screws cause big differences. Sangiovese is at its best here and combines cool, distinguished elegance finely spiceda sympathetic rustic touch and pure Understatement.

Salicutti brings a breath of fresh air

The Salicutti winery is located in the center of the best sites for Brunello di Montalcino. The estate is surrounded by famous wineries such as Pian dell'Orino and Biondi Santi. As Francesco Leandra slowly retires due to age, Jan Erbach from Pian dell'Orino every now and then a look at the vineyards. He accompanied the step into biodynamics for the winery and is considered a perfectionist. Under the new German owners, the wine estate is again experiencing a fresh wind. It will be interesting to observe how the project will be further refined. A Insider tip remains the often forgotten Rosso di Montalcino. It also comes from vineyards suitable for Brunello.

Monika Larner of Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate called the Rosso from Salicutti the "Holy Grail of Sangiovese purity.".

Written by Marian Henß, Copyright Living Wines