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What Luca Roagna in the hand becomes liquid gold. The prodigy of the Langhe region has been creating a lot of buzz in the heart of Piedmont for years. The Langhe is home to the two famous villages of Barolo and Barbaresco. The busy Winemaker has experienced a real hype in recent years. The supply is far behind the demand. One should seize every chance to be able to buy a Roagna.

Already his entry-level wines Langhe Rosso, Barbera d'Alba and Dolcetto d'Alba give a clear indication of where the journey is going with him. They live on seasoning, Structure, pure elegance and highest drinking fluency. the demand is already extreme here. The experience is exponentially enhanced with the single vineyards from both villages. Its white wines are unusually good for the region. The white wines mature in large 3000l-barrelsso that the wood does not become dominant. With the Langhe Bianco It delivers a successful cuvée of Chardonnay and white pressed Nebbiolo. Its Derthona Montemarzino is from the autochthonous variety Timorasso. A stony, mineral wine with a light melting full of greatness.

Two villages, one Roagna philosophy

The two villages of Barolo and Barbaresco are considered to be King and King of Piedmont. In the vineyards of these appellations, the Nebbiolo grape variety thrives at its best. The many individual vineyards and parcels are similar in structure to Burgundy. Diverse site wines full of identity and characteristics of origin.

The Roagna winery is at home in both villages. Since a Barolo must also be vinified in the Barolo area and the same applies to the Barbaresco, Luca jumps between two cellars.

At home in Barolo and Barbaresco

In the position Barolo Pira Luca works in the modern cellar, which is integrated into the hillside and has plenty of space. The cellar has its own ageing section, dug deep into the rock. This is where his treasures are stored for eternity.

In the old family estate in Barbaresco, the cellar is currently being adapted to his way of working. The gentle ageing of all wines in large barrels and cement tanks is very important to him. You won't find small wooden barrels at Luca's. His wines are Filigree, delicate and yet full of structure for a long period of maturation. Luca Roagna only brings his wines from the two famous villages to market after four years of maturation.

He also fills most of his single vineyards as a Vecchie Viti - old vines - off. Each one shows a character all of its own. His wines are already living legends in their youth. Nebbiolo shows wonderful secondary and especially tertiary aromas when ripe. Crichet Pajé is the highest of feelings. Whoever gets the rare pleasure of such a bottle should consider himself lucky. Nebbiolo can hardly get any finer and more elegant.

Written by Marian Henß. Copyright Living Wines