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Martin Gojer lives in a gem above Bolzano. The young winemaker is a thoughtful person - prudent, empathetic and sustainably minded. In addition to biodynamic farming methods, he also advocates traditional pergola cultivation as well as the classic grape varieties of South Tyrol.

Gojer's style corresponds little to the general idea of South Tyrolean wines. His wines are full of energy, vitality and naturalness. Martin communicates his way of life, his region and origin through wine. He sees himself as a contemporary witness and storyteller. The medium of expression are the wines, which come from the steep slopes around Bolzano.

Some vineyards are still in old pergola systems. Pergola training dates from a time of mixed farms and is less efficient than other methods. However, it serves a useful purpose (in times of changing climate) in shading the soil.

Pranzegg - Natural wines with purism

Named after his Daughter Caroline he fills out a exciting white cuvée. This is interwoven with filigree and purity. At the same time clear edge.

Tonsur comes from a vineyard on the opposite side of the valley. It is mineral and precise with rather bright fruit and herbal aromas.

His wines can be summed up and described with pleasure as living wines.

Extremely exciting is Pranzegg's interpretation of Gewürztraminer. Martin calls it GT and shows that this grape variety can present an uncanny depth besides fruity and floral aromas. The Gewürztraminer GT is fermented with mash contact and lives from dark, tart notes. A matter of the heart for him are the local varieties Lagrein and Vernatsch.

Laurenc is the counterpart to Caroline and named after the son. The fruity, reductive Lagrein promises a lot of drinking flow with a slender stature.

Under the Fuori series are the best barrels from special vintages. Wines that Martin allows to mature and take their time before they leave the cellar. Vernatsch and Lagrein show their best side here. These wines are full of intensity and passion.

Special moments of sensory pleasure are guaranteed.

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