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Mesquida Mora

Barbara Mesquida Mora clearly had other ideas than her father. He did not want to deal with the idea of converting to organic viticulture and becoming involved with biodynamics. Consequently, he transferred some plots to his daughter so that she could realise herself. Barbara accepted with thanks and got straight to work. She feels obliged to leave healthy and vital land to future generations. Biodiversity, even in the areas not planted with vines, is of great importance to her. Above all, she trusts in the native grape varieties, which are supplemented by a few international grape varieties. In Mallorca, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet can almost be called indigenous.

In the heart of Mallorca

The winery is located in the heart of the popular island. Barbara Mesquida Mora herself grew up among vines, barrels and with grapes. She describes her career as synchronicity, as destiny. In line with this interpretation of her surroundings and her associated nature, she also named her entry line after it. At Sincronia she bottles a white wine, rosé and red wine. All three wines from the Sincronia line are positively uncomplicated, exude a clear Mediterranean character and are charming crowdpleasers with a strong fruit profile.

Refuge for the future

Barbara is pursuing big goals. After successfully converting her twenty-hectare farm to biodynamics, she is already making plans for the next step. At her winery in Porreres, west of Manacor, she is planning a sustainable farm that will take care of animals, people and nature in equal measure and will function in a closed cycle. So it remains exciting to see what the power woman will achieve.

Top wines from Mesquida Mora

In the higher category of their range, the wines then show more origin and class, but sacrifice some of the fruit. The Mexican Blanc is made from the rare Prensal and Giró varieties. The obviously intense yellow fruitiness of this wine is joined by a herbal and aniseed note that goes very excitingly with Mediterranean cuisine.

By the way, Acrollam is the anagram of Mallorca. With the Trispol Barbara presents a full-bodied cuvée of Callet with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This is intensely aromatic, redolent of dark berries, spices and chocolate. This wine is broad but not oversized. Wonderful with grilled food.
Text and wine expertise: Marian Henß.