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Even the Romans recognized the goodness of the land here. Along the important trade route to Venice, viticulture was already practiced 3000 years ago. The winery Fidora is located in Civranetta, in the hinterland of the Venice lagoon. The area is characterised by alluvial soil from alpine rivers and a high proportion of minerals. These soils can produce meagre and mineral wines if they are allowed to do so. Prosecco is made from a grape variety - Glera - that is not used outside of the famous sparkling wine. Glera has its ideal home right here and can reproduce this minerality, this stoniness in the wines.

Organic farming is a natural approach for the family. The goal is harmonious wines that are experienced full of pleasure and that generate emotions. A Civranetta Prosecco Spumante makes it possible to experience precisely this. Dry, clear and puristic. Many of Fidora's wines even manage without any residual sweetness. Sparkling wines so well made - for every day. They are far away from industrial banality.

Moscato times properly

An absolute recommendation are the Moscato from Fidora. There is - analogously to our memories of our youth - also a residual sweet variant, the demi-sec, which fits wonderfully as an aperitif, to summery fruity dishes or exotic dessert creations. But above all the variant of the Moscato Brut Nature inspires us. The aromatic intensity experiences here a slender, elegant framework. Very good drinking flow and great drinking pleasure are guaranteed.

Prosecco has been taken for granted for a long time. Its omnipresence in trade and gastronomy ensures that customers quite naturally order prosecco. Unfortunately, the great success also attracts many black sheep who put profit far before quality. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found a reputable partner in Fidora. In a region that has been marked by mass production for decades, Fidora has been cultivating organically for almost fifty years. That is a clear statement.

The range is complemented by a good Everyday Pinot Grigio in organic quality. Brand new is a Rosé Prosecco in the program.