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Felix Callejo

One of the guarantors of the quality offensive in the Ribera del Duero was Felix Callejo, who has tirelessly promoted the farm and his region for thirty years. At an almost tender age, the winery and the family took the young winemaker in charge. He always considered it an honour to represent his region, the winery and its grape variety.

The Ribera del Duero in the north of Spain is next to the Rioja Key to the success story of Spanish wines in recent decades. Now the Ribera del Duero region has a better image and becomes more easily the Category Premium assigned. This was achieved solely with the Grape variety Tempranillowhich here Tinta del Pais is called. Since time immemorial, this grape variety has been skilfully used on the plateau of northern Spain. A racy acidity, a fleshy body and good conditions for the maturation in oak barrels. Long-lasting, timeless wines have always been a unique selling point of these two parade regions.

More about Felix Callejo

The Tinta del Pais finds its perfect environment in the lean altitudes. Deep limestone in the soil is covered in parts only by a thin layer of clay. The wines do not need deep roots to be supplied with minerals. The serious differences in day and night temperatures in the vineyards between 800 and 950 metres above sea level are style-defining and a blessing. This is the only way for the Tinta del Pais to preserve its significant acidity, which stands up to the tannin and the power of the wines.

In the past and today

While Felix with his wife Pilar While in the 90ies, no trip went unused and they filled their suitcases with wine bottles for presentation, today, the conditions are completely different. Due to the pioneering spirit of the parents' generation and their tireless efforts to showcase their wines on many stages, a foundation has been laid in the cradle of the young generation. Four of their children run the winery today. All of them are trained oenologists or economists, so that the company is well positioned in terms of wine quality as well as economically.

Beside smallest quantities Merlot plays even today only their variety - the Tinta del Pais - the main role.

The Flores de Callejo offers uncomplicated drinking pleasure for everyday life. Juicy, fruity and concentrated without seeming cerebral. The Gran Cajello is a great example of its origin, grape variety and style. Ribera del Duero as it could hardly present itself better.

The white grape variety Albilo Mayor comes in small parts in the red wine Parajes de Callejo before. The Albilo complements the Tinta del Pais as a stabilizer and contributes a boost of minerality. The El Lebrero, a single-varietal Albilo, offers a varied aroma. Chalky, stony nuances meet structure and feel from the Mash stand time. A great food companion.

Written by Marian Henß
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