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Arianna Occhipinti has well earned the hype that has earned her the nickname "Natural Woman". But if we scratch that hype a little, we find a conscious winemaker who is deeply connected to her land and its wine history.

Sometimes we have to take a few steps back to better understand the big picture. That's what Arianna Occhipinti did when she left her hometown of Vittoria to study oenology in Milan. But she soon returned, with new perspectives and ready to tread the sandy soil of her land.
It was the land and its history that gave her the grape that would become her trademark: Frappato.

There are documents from 1812 that prove the connection between Vittoria and Frappato even then. It is a long love story that Arianna Occhipinti was able to take up and bring to life. Her tireless research into soils, grapes and careful winemaking methods led to her being recognised as one of the most influential winemakers in the natural wine movement. In the meantime, she has established herself far beyond the island's borders.

Today, almost everyone knows the iconic label of SP68, their fresh and young wine. The wine takes its laconic name from the "Strada Provinciale 68" that runs through Vittoria. Or Siccagno, a cult wine made only from Nero d'Avola grapes and a tribute to the whole island. And there is no Sicily without the olive oil Pantarei by Occhipinti. It flows to us from her family's farming tradition.

The grape is her tool

Historical research and work in the vineyards have led Arianna Occhipinti to identify five different districts or contrade (two of which are already mentioned in documents from the 19th century). From each of these areas she harvests and blends appropriate grapes for these site wines. She pays attention to the balance of the soils of origin - sea sand and limestone. The Frappato, with its fresh delicacy, became the touchstone around which the terroir expresses itself.

The best lesson in this is a tasting of the three red wines in the Vini di Contrada series, an experience that combines didactic value with the undeniable pleasure of great wines.
All these wines are one hundred percent Frappato and vinified taking into account the specific characteristics of each cru. Here are the "50 shades of Frappato".

PT-Pettineo shows the high presence of sea sand in this area with silky tannins and low acidity.
FL-Fossa di Lupo has spiky tannins and good acidity thanks to a high percentage of limestone.
BB-Bombolieri is the fresher and finer wine, with the most subtle aromas. Its soil has the highest lime content of these three cru wines.