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Klaus Vorgrimmler

Pinot Blanc 2017 - Klaus Vorgrimmler

The Pre-Grimmlers

The small Demeter winery Klaus Vorgrimmler (Munzingen) is located on the southern tip of the Tuniberg near Freiburg im Breisgau. In the sun-drenched vineyards, primarily grape varieties of the Burgundy family thrive in the colors white (Pinot Blanc), grey (Pinot Gris) and red (Pinot Noir). The wines of the Vorgrimmlers are individual and have power and finesse.

Vorgrimmler's path to wine

The winery has been farmed organically for 30 years. Since 2006, they have been working according to the strict Demeter guidelines.

For 30 years we have been dealing with the play of elements in the vineyard outside the beaten track and in the interaction of man, nature and spirit. The risks of alternative cultivation were very high at the beginning, because basic knowledge about the manifold interrelationships in the vineyard ecosystem and suitable methods had to be acquired first. There was hardly any scientific support, which today, however, is fortunately part of the standard in organic viticulture. Therefore, the conversion gave us some sleepless nights in the beginning. Looking back, however, the memories of these adventures of the wild years are connected with a reassured smile.
- Klaus Vorgrimmler

More about Klaus Vorgrimmler

Viticulture today

Klaus sees the soil, the earth, as the most important foundation for his work, because the vines take root in it. It gives them stability and nourishes them. The soil is alive, inhabited by countless microorganisms and insects - a finely balanced cosmos. The plants, in turn, protect the soil from erosion and strong rays of the sun.

Various soil-strengthening plants such as alfalfa, buckwheat and different types of clover are used here. Special herbs complement the sowing mixture. This makes it easy for the vine to enter into symbiosis with the living and rich soil.

Herbs blossom in the vineyard of the Vorgrimmmler winery

Flowering herbs in Klaus Vorgrimmler's vineyards

The small family farm has the privilege of being very close to its vines, every day of the year cycle. Here they work very attentively with the vines, because Klaus attaches particular importance to detailed foliage work during the summer months.

The wines of the Vorgrimmler Winery

...are clearly created in the vineyard. The health and ripeness of the grapes are the two most important factors, which find their expression in the later wine. All grapes are selected and harvested by hand. The subsequent work in the cellar is very simple, as fining agents and animal products are consistently avoided.

The red wines come to life through classic open mash fermentation and subsequent aging in barrique barrels. Klaus Vorgrimler strives to consistently implement his own style of classic dry wines.