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Living Wines MagazineDomaine Huet - Vintage 2019

Domaine Huet - Vintage 2019

Despite historic drought Jean-Bernard Berthomé also 2019 the fifth outstanding vintage in a row. This time, however, the vintage collection of the Huet wine estate from the Loire region consists of only four wines. One dry (Sec) wine each from the three terroirs Le Haut-Lieu, Clos de Bourg and Le Mont; and a semi-dry (demi-sec) wine from the Le Mont vineyard.

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"... fluid monuments of masterful vineyard work"

Stephan Reinhardt about the 2019 vintage at huet

Stephan Reinhard, wine critic at the renowned Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, denotes the 2019s of Huet as "liquid monuments of a masterful vineyard work" and "as perhaps the finest dry vouvrays in recent history".

And this is how Reinhardt characterizes the wines in his Column in the FAZ am Sonntag:

Le Haut Lieu Sec 2019

Precise, delicate and refined, yet bone dry and intriguingly salty.

Clos de Bourg Sec 2019

Rich, intense and powerful. At the same time juicy and sustainably structured.

Le Mont Demi-Sec 2019

Fine, tart fruit with a chalky texture, fine tannins and piquant acidity.

Huet Winery - Wines of the 2019 vintage

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