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Violette AOC 2019 1500ml


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Violette AOC 2019 1500ml


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The exceptional Cuvée Violette 2017 comes from the blend of 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 70% Cabernet Franc. The vines, which are up to 70 years old, thrive on loamy-silty sandstone soil and red flint tuffeau. From these soils come the hand-picked grapes, lovingly transported in 12kg crates. Most of the grapes go through a 30-day fermentation process with infrequent pumping over. The following maturation process takes place over twelve months on fine lees in Burgundian pièces of five to seven year olds. The next maturation step takes place in a piece barrel, where the cuvée matures for another six months.

The very first glance at the deep purple-coloured drink, enriched by violet reflections, captivates the observer. The nose is greeted by a seductive and mysterious duet of undergrowth, liquorice and juniper, supported by spicy, ethereal nuances. The Cabernet Sauvignon gives the cuvée an individual touch, enhanced by the scent of blackcurrant, cassis, blackberry and elderberry. Dark chocolate, anise, leather and black pepper give the fruity notes a worthy counterpart, on which rye sourdough and bread crust form a solid base. Subtle hints of condensed milk and sweet cream butter mingle in for a joyful surprise. The Violette 2019 also has a characteristic animal note, reminiscent of warm leather and horse saddle, which skilfully blends discreetly into the overall picture.

On the palate, the cuvée glides like silk from a cool elegant spring, enriching and sophisticated. The berry notes already perceived in the nose resound here once again, but here not trivial, but sophisticated. Acidity, astringency and tannins assert themselves. The wine reveals an almost fleshy, pleasantly rustic note, and a soapy nuance evokes thoughts of violets and lavender. The finish is subdued, yet harmonious and balanced, full of style and elegance.

This cuvée ideally complements and enriches the flavours of slow-cooked pork cheeks accompanied by root vegetables and fluffy mashed potatoes or a raw cut beetroot carpaccio enriched with fresh goat cheese and walnuts. On the grill plate, it can be served with a buttery rib eye steak garnished with pimientos de padron and rosemary potatoes. Also to be discovered is the combination of the wine with spicy dishes such as duck breast in blackberry sauce or wild mushroom risotto.


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Clau de Nell










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Clau De Nell, Rue de Noyers, 49700 Ambillou-Château / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01