Terre de Pierre 2019


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12.5% Vol.

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Domaine Luneau-Papin, 3 La Grangee, 44430 Le Landreau / France, Organic certificate: FR-BIO-01

Tasting note from from 15.11.2020, Copyright Sebastian Bordthäuser

Domaine Luneau-Papin is located southeast of Nantes and was founded by Pierre Luneau and Monique Papin. After the Luneau brothers separated in the 90ies in a dispute about the desired way of cultivation, Pierre Luneau and his wife Monique Papin merged their estates and founded the Domaine Luneau-Papin. Since 2005, the family business has been supported by their son Jean-Marie and his wife Marie, who have meanwhile taken over the management of the estate. They started to cultivate the single parcels individually and approached in careful steps more and more the organic cultivation, which is meanwhile certified by the Demeter association. The wines of the domaine are exclusively made of the Melon de Bourgogne, which came to the Loire with Burgundian monks in the 16th century.

The "Terre de Pierre" Muscadet is grown in a vineyard called "la Butte de la Roche" in the village of Loroux-Bottereau. The vines were planted in 1974 on soils more than 500 million years old, the mineral abbreviations on the label symbolize the ancient terroir. After pressing, the must runs by gravity into the typical Nantais concrete barrels lined with glass tiles, where spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts begins. Until its filling in November of the following year, the Terre de Pierre lies stirred on the yeast.


Light straw yellow with green reflections.


On the nose, the 2019 Terre de Pierre from Domaine Luneau-Papin oscillates between salty minerality and fresh yeast plait, but overall shows itself to be somewhat secretive. So head off into the decanter and off we go The braid oscillates to bisque, filled with the finest lemon cream and a hint of bergamot. In the overtone area white blossoms bloom, underlaid by green apricots and reindeklodes.


On the nose, the Terre de Pierre is clear as a bell and transparent despite clear yeast notes. With creamy melting and lemon cream on the mid palate, it shows youthful tautness yet with some generosity. Citrus, white pepper and pastry are complemented by slightly citrusy viscosity, profound minerality and amazing performance in the high-scoring length and retronasal finish segments. A Muscadet that makes you literally crave for sea proteins, but does not exclude the best poultry.

Food recommendations from Sebastian Bordthäuser

  • Steamed summer squash in orange oil with capers and passe pierre
  • St. Pierre in lemon butter with chervil and aniseed
  • Crispy pork belly with octopus, mandarin emulsion and sesame seeds


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