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Sonnenberg Silvaner -Gelbkalk- trocken VDP Erste Lage 2022


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(37,35  / 1000 ml)

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  • 🎨 Color: Bright sparkling golden yellow
  • 👃 Aroman: Deep, almost earthy with apple, vineyard peach, mirabelle plum, mango and a hint of walnut and chalky minerality
  • 👅 Taste: Delicious, juicy fruit, structured with grip and a pleasantly salty impression
  • 🎭 Character: Spontaneous fermentation, maturation in large wooden barrels, multi-layered and complex
  • 🍽️ Food recommendations: Green salad with mango and nut-chilli vinaigrette, carrot soup with ginger and prawns, crispy chicken with cardamom rice and pineapple
  • Special features: Improves with every sip in appropriate glasses, perfect accompaniment for refined cuisine
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The Sulzfelder Sonnenberg Silvaner Gelbkalk Erste Lage 2022 offers spontaneous fermentation followed by maturation in large wooden barrels. It offers the eye a bright sparkling golden yellow spectacle.

When the glass is lifted, a deep, almost earthy fragrance unfolds at first. Soon, diverse aromas marry, as if apple, vineyard peach, mirabelle plum and mango were performing a harmonious dance on a yeasty parquet. A hint of walnut hangs in the air, overshadowed by a subtle chalky minerality - an apt reflection of its essence.

On the palate, you feel the same fascination as when you took your first breath. It combines delicious, juicy fruit with structure and grip and leaves a pleasantly salty impression. It seems just made to be paired with refined cuisine, where fruity and herbaceous flavours meet. It does well to serve it with care in glasses that do justice to its size - it gets better with every sip!

For food accompaniments, I could imagine: Fresh green salad with mango and a strong nut-chilli vinaigrette is an eye-catching combination. On the other hand, nothing beats the sweetness and spiciness of a carrot soup, complemented by the energetic heat of ginger and rounded off with crispy fried prawns. If you're more in the mood for something more substantial: Crispy chicken paired with fragrant cardamom rice, pineapple and a hint of coriander offers a great balance.


Contains sulfur


Luckert - Zehnthof









Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



5,2 g/l

Drinking temperature



Weingut Zehnthof, Kettengasse 3-5, 97320 Sulzfeld, Germany. Organic certificate: DE-ÖKO-039+Control sheet.xlsxControl sheet!$K$152:$AM$548