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Martin Muthenthaler

Martin Muthenthaler's vineyards are geographically located in the Wachau and at the same time far away from its epicentre. Muthenthaler is the genius loci of the Spitzer Graben. He is the proverbial hermit who lives at the end of this small valley. His grapes are not helped by the sun reflected from the Danube. Here the climate is cool even in summer while the vines are rooted in almost pure rock.

The slate soil is the key here: it retains heat, allows the roots to penetrate deeply and provides excellent drainage.

Header Martin Muthenthaler

The impressive slopes of the Bruck are the perfect soil for great Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners. The well-integrated acidity lends tension and clarity to the deep, rich wines. The wines are smoky, calm and unforced.

We are far from "textbook wines". Martin approached viticulture out of a need to look after his parents' three hectares. And he did so with a free and open mind. Even the organic approach was a result of his intuition.

What you will find in Martin Muthenthaler's wines is the freedom to give expression to place. Directly and without regard for stereotypes.

Step by step, stone by stone.

The landscape of the Spitzer Graben would not be the same without its iconic terraces.
They are a clear example of how much terroir is also the result of human intervention. They are traces of the past on which winemakers of new generations like Martin Muthenthaler can now gain a firm foothold. Preserving this historical treasure of viticulture is also one of the goals of contemporary, innovative winemaking.