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La Folletière 2018 1500ml


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La Folletière 2018 1500ml


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Learn more about the wine
Strolling through the alleys of the picturesque commune of La Folletière-Abenon, we come across the centrepiece of this trip, La Folletière cider. This premium cider is rooted in a unique growing area, the soils of silt and brown flint, underlain by layers of clay and flint, and finally on a chalk soil. The carefully selected apple mix results in a nuanced variety of flavours. It consists of 25 % acidic apples such as Rambeau and René Martin, 50 % bittersweet varieties such as Bedan and Binet Rouge, and 25 % tannin-rich varieties such as Mettais and Frèquin, thoroughly nurtured on the in-house plantation since 1996. With its residual sugar content of about 40 grams, this authentic cider, vinified according to ancient tradition, resembles a harmonious ballad.

Play of colours
The eye is captivated by a vibrant, luminous orange that plunges into the depths of the amber spectrum, accompanied by an exciting and effervescent mousseux.

La Folletière entices the senses with an intense bouquet that enchantingly weaves together different apple aromas. Sweet, sour and bitter components dance harmoniously with each other and evoke memories of yeast scent, crumbly fruit, fruit peel, lime and even a hint of undergrowth, peach and lambic.

Taste profile
This cider is a masterpiece of palate delight. Sweet and tannic textures feel like silk across the tongue, clothed in an abundance of ripe yellow and red apples, a hint of quince and soft apricots, and an unexpected sizzle of ginger and tobacco. It's a balancing act between sweet and tart notes, offering a robust yet airy density, much like a perfectly baked gugelhupf. The crisp acidity runs like a narrow band through the cider, providing a pleasant drinking flow that holds this juicy, sweet and tart drink together.

Gourmet recommendations
Suitable culinary accompaniments for this symphony of flavours could be a rustic antipasti platter, a crispy tarte aux pommes or a hearty onion tart.


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Alcohol content

Residual sweetness



5,0 g/l

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Lesuffleur, 14 290 La Folletière-Abenon / France