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Clos i Terrasses

Daphne Glorian

Clos i Terrasses: Daphne Glorian in the vineyard

Daphne Glorian from the Clos i Terrasses winery is a legend in Priorat and has always had a cult following. The US-American has established herself as one of few non-Spaniards at the top of Spanish wine. Highest ratings and a huge demand on the small production volume were not long in coming. Early on, she made her mark and in 2004 began her vineyards according to the principles of biodynamics to manage the vineyard. Since that time, the accomplished winemaker distinguishes herself, Esther Ninresponsible for the vineyards. A milestone in the young history of the winery and a gain in quality. Esther Nin is also in charge of her own Winery Nin-Ortiz represented in our assortment.

Daphne and Esther produce two wines: Laurel and Clos Erasmus. Laurel is the translation of the name Daphne into the English language. Laurel is a cuvée of mostly Garnacha with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, the wine is matured in barrels, amphorae, concrete eggs and used barriques. A dark fruity, mineral wine full of energy and floral aromas is the symbol of a Priorat in perfection.

The Clos Erasmus belongs to the rarest estates of the wine industry. From a maximum of twelve small barrique barrels, this cuvée of Garnacha and Syrah is created. The wine is a monument. Dark, spicy, yet silky at the same time and full of cool slate minerality, this is like a lore of days gone by and yet so timelessly beautiful.

Most recently in the 2020 vintage, Clos Erasmus was awarded the full 100 Parker points!

More about Clos i Terrasses

Priorat and its wines benefit from numerous factors. Its unique, picturesque landscape is characterized by numerous hills and steep slopes. Many of the vineyards were terraced by man long ago and are based on Llicorella slate. The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea is noticeable, but above all the temperature amplitude between day and night dominates the climatic influence. On the one hand, the black slate soils store the hot temperatures of over 40°C. On the other hand, the thermometer also likes to fall well below 20°C at night. Permanently blows a continental wind of the Montsant Mountains.

The best wines of the Priorat

Together with others big names of the prioryRene Barbier, Alvaro Palacios, José Luis Perez, Daphne Glorian was one of the pioneers of the first hour. When the dreamlike Priorat was still sleeping, this group of young, dynamic winemakers recognized the potential of the region again. A extensive recultivation of these spectacular, steep slate terraces was underway. Stylistically, an opulent type of wine was in demand in the early nineties - and long after. Besides the regionally typical grape varieties Garnacha and Cariñena also international grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah to the use. The latter has been established in parts until today, most of the other fashion varieties are gradually disappearing.


You enterprising group attracted a large number of curious winemakers. Priorat rapidly developed into the avant-garde of Spanish viticulture. Even though the wines are a different world in their style and sensory compared to the Tempranillo strongholds in the north, the big names of Rioja and Ribera del Duero feared for their supremacy. The accolade came from the Designation of the priory as a D.O.Ca. and thus to the highest level of Spanish viticulture. This honor was previously given only to Rioja and since then no other region.

Written by Marian Henß
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