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Wise man and artist

Wise man and artist

The Moselle myth lives on. The beautiful, picturesque valley with its countless loops and steep vineyards continues to fascinate the wine world. A region full of traditions and many long-established wine dynasties. But in recent years also develops a young avant-garde.

The winery Weiser-Künstler by Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler is a young project and has been existing as late as in 2005. The two do not come from one of the Mosel vintners' families. However, they can live out their dream of owning their own business here on the Middle Mosel. In Enkirch and Traben-Trarbach the two best locations, partly with rooted vines from around 1900.

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Their steep, terraced sites have a high percentage of these old vines. Many of their sites are still in the traditional single-post education ordered, so completely without wire frame. Today they work the Enkircher Ellergrub, Enkircher Steffensberg, Trabener Gaispfad, Trabacher Schlossberg and Wolfer Sonnenlay vineyards.

Steep, steeper, Moselle

In the steep slopes little mechanical assistance possible, so that their work with their own hands is very time-consuming. There are not many farms on the Mosel that practice organic viticulture. Especially in the steep slopes, many vintners do not see themselves able to do without their chemical aids. The additional effort in organic (or even biodynamic) viticulture is exponentially higher there. Only from pure conviction and with the right attitude towards life, you dare to take this step. You can't take your hat off to this decision often enough. Weiser-Künstler form with their four hectares beside Clemens Busch the spearhead in this area of the Moselle.

In the cellar, too, they try to treat the arriving grapes and later the fermenting musts as gently as possible. The dry wines are stored in the Fuderthe residually sweet ones in steel tanks. The very classic development is typical for the Mosel in the common predicates. From estate wine to dry site wines, the portfolio ranges from Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese. There is also a great Riesling sparkling wine in the program.

The portfolio of Weiser-Künstler

It is also a big concern for them to work out the predicates very clearly and to differentiate them from each other. Thus, a Kabinett tastes like a Kabinett and a Auslese like a Auslese. The common practice of downgrading the predicates is not used here.

An Trabarcher Schlossberg Kabinett is the epitome of a Kabinett. Fine fruity, with a delicate residual sweetness and a lively acidity. Great drinking pleasure with low alcohol content are guaranteed. Their intention is always clear, slate-influenced wines that never get carried away with fruit. Rather, they place great emphasis on it, Origin and edge to show. The wines live from precision, fine polish and great elegance. A racy acidity is given depending on the vintage and the stony minerality is always set.

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